Porcelain Large Format Tile is perfect to use on your Shower walls, Kitchen Backsplash, Fireplace, Feature Wall, Countertops or pretty much any surface you can put tile.

Porcelain tiles are:

  • Non-Porous
  • Resistant to stains, mould, and fungi
  • Resistant to chemicals, acids, alkalis, and solvents
  • Maintainable, and easy to clean.
  • Friction coefficient
  • Guaranteed to have long last colour.
  • Suitable for indoor, and outdoors

Our Large Format Tile comes in 30+ different colour options with new designs coming all the time.  The sizes are European sizes 1200mm x 2400mm so just shy of 4ft x 8ft at 94.5” x 47.25” with a 9mm thickness.  They are only 140lbs per sheet so need to reinforce walls to accommodate installation

Same as your regular floor or wall tile, just a lot BIGGER

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